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First Sulps Training

Winter Swimming provides you with the inner warmth, happiness and keeps away the flu in Estonian climate. Can you imagine you being in your T-shirt and sweating while everyone else is shaking in their sweaters? Or that Estonian seawater will always be warm in the summertime. Even too warm. This can be your new reality. Sign up for the First Sulps Training today!

First Sulps Training is meant for people who have never been into the cold water or who are just beginners. We will explore how the human body has adapted to overcome cold and how winter swimming can develop these abilities. We will teach you what is the basic winter swimming 101 knowhow. After the theoretical part we will focus on how to get into the water and stay in so it’s a nice experience. Then we will put the theory to the test and go swimming with Lennusulps instructor. After the swim we will have time to exchange experiences and put together a training schedule.

The goals of First Sulps Training are the following:

  • To have the best possible and safe first swim experience
  • You will have the knowhow to kick off your new winter swimming hobby
  • This will be your first step on the journey to become friends with the cold


First Sulps Training takes about 1-2 hours depending on how many times you will get into the water. Group size is up to 15 people. The training cost is 150€ The training will be done by Märt, the founder of Lennusulps. Märt has taken several hundred people to cold water safely.

Please bring with you:

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Flip Flops
  • Warm hat



Winter swimming is normally a safe and health strengthening activity. Please be advised that you will be responsible for yourself in the water. Listen to your body and take it easy. Lennusulps instructors will take all possible precautions to make this a safe and nice experience.

People with heart or any other chronic disease, please consult with your physician prior to the swim. Getting into cold water causes above average stress to your heart, similar to intensive physical exercise.

Swimming in Lennusulps is prohibited if you have any disease causing loss of consciousness.