Lennusulps Winter Swimming Club

Lennusulps is a Winter Swimming Club located at the Seaplane Harbor.

Welcome to Lennusulps, your destination for winter swimming nestled in the scenic Seaplane Harbor. We provide a range of amenities to enhance your experience:

  • Cozy Changing Rooms: Our well-maintained changing rooms are designed to keep you comfortable in all weather conditions.                                                                                
  • Refreshing Cold Water: Take a plunge into the invigorating cold waters, a perfect way to embrace the Nordic spirit.                                                    
  • Unique Sauna Experience: After your swim, indulge in our unique sauna experience to warm up and relax your body.
While the joy of swimming is absolutely free, we do charge a nominal fee for access to our dressing rooms and sauna. You can conveniently purchase tickets when you visit.
The 2023/2024 season at Lennusulps extends from October 22nd to April 14th, offering you ample opportunities to embrace the chilly thrill of winter swimming and the comforting warmth of our sauna.
Come join us at Lennusulps and make the most of this unique experience by the Seaplane Harbor. We look forward to your visit!




Lennusulps Winter Swimming Club is based at Seaplane Harbor. It is a community based initiative relying mostly on the efforts of its volunteers. The mission of Lennusulps is to offer best winter swimming facilities in Tallinn. Lennusulps Winter Swimming Club is operated by non-profit organisation MTÜ Noblasulps.